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Supporters Manual
Who are matching supporters?

Matching supporters are those who help candidates in their matching process and support them until they receive the Blessing. It is difficult for candidates to prepare for marriage Blessing and make it successful by themselves. The support of parents and a matching supporter with whom they feel comfortable is crucial. There are 3 categories of supporters.

1) Leaders: appointed public leaders to national HQ or pastors
2) Blessed Family Department members: regional group BFD directors, sub-regional BFD directors, national BFD directors
3) Supporters: members of Blessed families who are supporting leaders and candidates

a) Leaders or BFD lay ministers can appoint supporters

b) Candidates themselves can approach a member of a blessed family they would like to have as a supporter. After accepting, this member can become a supporter as well. In this case, they shall register to the website as a supporter and receive approval from their sub-regional BFD director or higher position leader who discusses it with the relevant BFD member. Candidates can then input the information of their chosen matching supporter to their profile in the section of ‘Supporter’s Information’.

Role of Matching Supporters

Supporters’ role is crucial. Please refer to their roles below:

1) Conducting counseling sessions with your candidate(s) and understand his/her situation, attitude, background, desires and so on.
2) Informing your candidate(s) about filling in missing information in their profile to ensure approval and help them to set a jeongseong condition.
3) Helping candidate(s) and parents to look for a suitable partner in the website
4) Supporting candidate’s parents and possible match’s parents to get in contact
5) Arranging meeting with a possible match
6) Supporting engagement ceremony after both sides agree with the matching