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Welcome Blessing4U
About Us

Thank you for joining Blessing4U Matching Website that aims to help everyone to receive the most precious blessing in their lives. This website is for all those who wish to receive the Marriage Blessing. It is managed by the International Headquarters Blessed Family Department and all regional group Blessed Family Department directors. We, as managers, are doing our utmost effort to support everyone, until the last person, who wishes to receive the Blessing. Today, we would like to introduce the International Headquarters Blessed Family Department members.

  • Director Younggil Kim

  • Vice Director Jinsob Jo

  • Chief Motoyama

  • Chief Ando

  • Chief Inoong Shin

  • Chief Kawata

  • Manager Yamasaki

  • Manager Ono

  • Manager Hyangran Yu

  • Manager Wonjin Lee

  • Manager Monika

  • Manager Kahyon Song

Get Ready~

It is important that you find a good future partner. But what is more important is to make effort to become a good partner yourself who can make your future spouse happy. Before you are introduced to your possible match, please make effort to prepare your mind and body through offering sincere devotion, update your profile regularly and receive at least the minimum education to become better prepared. Because human beings are also spiritual beings, even just by looking at a picture of a candidate, we can feel his or her character and spiritual background.

To enhance successful Marriage Blessing:
1) Have basic understanding of True Parents’ teaching
2) Have basic knowledge about the differences between men and women (differences in thinking, behavior, variety of personalities, couple etiquette…)
3) Offering conditions for spiritual protection and cooperation in CheonBo Training Center.

Let’s do this together!

The mission of the Blessed Family Department is to help all blessed families and all those who are preparing for receiving the Blessing to create ideal happy families. We are committed to do everything we can to fulfil this mission.

We will support you in successful Marriage Blessing.
1) We will support you to become a great matching candidate.
2) We will support you to meet a good partner.
3) We will support you to create a happy family.
4) We will create a continuous stable support system.