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Policies for Blessed Children
01Creating a Cooperation System of Parents + Matching Supporter + Candidate

According to True Parents’ words, matching of blessed children is the responsibility of their parents. However, since parents are also not perfect beings there are many cases that it is difficult for them to recognize what kind of partner would be suitable for their children. And the reality is that there are too many available candidates or it is difficult to collect enough information. Therefore, even though parents receive recommendations through different ways, they should always offer prayers and conditions together with their child and make a decision. In the end, parents are the ones who choose and thus the ideal of True Parents’ words can be achieved. Accordingly, it is needed to create an effective cooperation system that will help parents, Blessed Family Department lay ministers and candidates to find a suitable match.

1) Recommendation of a possible match from parents

2) Recommendation of a possible match from matching supporter to parents

3) Recommendation of a possible match from a candidate to his/her parents

Accordingly, each person has part of responsibility.

All participants of the system should offer common prayers and sincere conditions for a holy marriage Blessing for the candidate

Parents should not entrust the preparation for the marriage Blessing solely to their child, but should lead them to live an active life of faith and to develop their character. There is a deep cause-and-effect relationship between situations in life and one’s personality.

Matching supporters should have enough knowledge and ability to continuously support the matching process from the beginning till the end.

Each candidate should change the secular thinking of choosing one’s partner and instead trust that Heavenly Parent is working through his or her parents or matching supporter and make effort to become a person who can make his or her future partner happy. In comparison with a secular marriage, the motivation for the marriage Blessing is to become an object partner of joy to God centered on true love.

02Ease requirements for candidates’ approval

In the past, there were many requirements for blessed children to be recognized as matching candidates. All those who were registered were asked to complete the whole education process and many other requirements in order to be guaranteed as qualified candidates. However, our online recommendation system focuses on helping candidates to find a suitable partner quickly, easily and effectively rather than focuses on their qualifications. Accordingly, once a person registers and his/her profile is verified, this system helps him/her to look for a suitable match. In general, the verification of one’s profile is done by the Blessed Family Department representative of one’s church. However, if there is nobody in that area, the profile should be verified by Blessed Family Department representative on a higher level (district, region, regional group). Compared to the past, there are additional options that support the search for a suitable candidate. These are 1) level of faith 2) personality types 3) 5 questions and others. Through these options you can get to know more about each candidate only by looking at his/her profile.

[Authority of searching for Candidates by age]
Age Function Communication
Under 25 years old Candidate’s ID, Parent’s PW First: Contact to Candidate’s Supporter Second: Contact to Candidate’s Parents If first and second methods are difficult, please contact National Supporters.
25 years old and over Candidate’s ID, Candidate’s PW
Man: 30 years old and over
Woman: 28 years old and over
Candidate’s ID, Candidate’s PW
The function of Searching for 1st generation members.
03Hold education simultaneously with the matching process

Instead of requesting high qualification, each candidate should be given an opportunity to search for a possible match while receiving minimum education and training with the help of matching supporter. However, until the engagement ceremony the matching committee of the candidate’s church shall verify the qualification of the couple for receiving the Blessing and decide whether they are qualified to participate in the Blessing Ceremony. There are many opportunities to search, but making each other happy is one’s responsibility and by fulfilling it the couple can determine the values of the marriage.

04True Family Academy Education

In order to achieve successful marriage Blessing, it is necessary to know the basic of the core teaching, value system and view of life of the Family Federation. At the same time, it is necessary to know the external reality as well, have knowledge and understand differences between men and women. It is not a problem of choice between faith and lifestyle but they both go together. Candidates should participate in programs such as engagement preparation academy and gain knowledge about married life. Through studying topics such as ‘Differences between men and women’, ‘Different personality types’, ‘Manners in dating’ and so on, the couples gain knowledge that can help them prevent or solve various conflicts and misunderstandings that occur in their life together. For this purpose we are creating the Cyber Academy. It will take some time, but from now on we would like to create and share many helpful materials with you. The materials we make will be short but will capture the key content and will be shared in series.

05HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center Information

Despite all of external effort we make, it is necessary to receive spiritual help and protection as well. According to True Parents’ words, the spirit world is a causal world and there are many spiritual obstacles in our lives that are invisible to our eyes. These obstacles can only be solved through the CheonBo Training Center. In order to create a happy married life it is necessary to receive spiritual help and protection. Public leaders and Blessed Family Department lay ministers should explain this cosmic viewpoint and guide candidates to understand the importance of spirit world in their life of faith.

06Empowering Blessed Family Department lay ministers

In order to implement all the content above, it is essential to receive help from qualified Blessed Family Department lay ministers. The more capable they are the more parents and candidates can receive fast and desirable help. One of the main task we have as International Headquarters is to find a way how to make a network of all Blessed Family Department lay ministers around the world and how to raise them. This is a task that will take time but we will not give up and strive to accomplish this goal.