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Significance of the Blessing
Why do we marry?

In modern society, the marriage rate has been gradually diminishing. Young people are hesitant when it comes to marriage due to the difficulties of finding a job that will satisfy their economic ambitions. Moreover, the pluralistic ideas that are widespread in modern society are strengthening the inclination to remain single. However, marrying and establishing a family is natural and in accordance with God's will.

Through marriage and family, we experience a different level of love than we can ever experience as individuals. As a child, we receive unconditional love from our parents. In adolescence, we share love with our brothers and sisters and friendship with our friends. And as a couple, through marriage, we learn about the nature and love of the opposite sex. When a husband and wife have a child based on that love and become parents, through this time of joy and happiness of loving their child, they feel compassion based on God’s unconditional love for all people.

Through marriage and family, people can fully experience God's world of love on the family level. Therefore, marriage is a process to resemble God and it is also the process of perfecting the four great realms of love. God gave us our earthly life in the body as a special time for us to grow our spirit and perfect our love and character. It is also the time when we can have children. God gave us, as human beings, a unique portion of responsibility to perfect our love and spirit before we go to the eternal spirit world. This is the Principle of Creation. Therefore, the family is the training ground for perfecting true love, a school to train us to resemble God, and a place of joy and happiness. Even if we live an excellent and devoted life as an individual, therefore, it is not possible to fully enter the world of God's love, the world of the Four Great Realms of Heart.

Why is the Marriage Blessing important?

Then, why is marriage by itself not enough? Why should we receive the Marriage Blessing? Consider the four-position foundation. The center of the four-position foundation is God. A man and a woman may love each other, yet if they are not centered on God they cannot establish the four-position foundation. We should marry according to God’s will. The Marriage Blessing is marriage centered on God. It is a marriage through which we inherit God’s lineage. The reason the Israelites did not marry other ethnic groups was in order to preserve the lineage of the chosen people. In this era, the blessed families are a chosen people. If we become a family without having God as our center, we cannot truly inherit God’s lineage.

Blessed families are the basic units through which God will create one great human family and the Kingdom of Heaven. Families that receive the Marriage Blessing can fully align with the will of God and stand in the realm of True Parents’ sovereignty. Blessed families thus play a crucial role in the fulfillment of God's will.