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Conditions for Blessing

In order to prepare for receiving the Blessing there are few fixed conditions that everyone must fulfill. Please note that each regional group can set additional requirements. Please refer to the fixed conditions below:


Those who are 20 years old by the date of the Blessing they are planning to attend can receive the Blessing. In the case of 2nd generation couples, if parents from both families agree the children can start a matching process if they are 17 years old and more.

02Marital status and health condition

Check if the candidate is eligible for matching through the Blessing interview with the church personnel-in-charge. In case there is any problem, the recommendation should be postponed and indemnity condition should be set.

03Life of faith

It is necessary that single candidates who are preparing for receiving the Blessing live a life centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Marriage Blessing is given to those who uphold the creed of the Family Federation. They attend the Sunday service and must promise to maintain and live a life of faith continuously in the future as well.


It is recommended to receive education regarding the significance and value of the Blessing and have a fundamental understanding about Heavenly Parent and True Parents, understand the core teaching of the Family Federation and the Divine Principle.


Each regional group might request additional requirements to those mentioned above.