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Matching Process
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01Candidate’s Qualifications

In order to start matching process, a Blessed Child has to first become a Blessing candidate.

Following points are required to become a candidate
① Attend Sunday service② Receive Education for Blessing Candidates③ Have personal consultation/interview with a public leader④ Offer special jeongseong.
Through these four conditions, Blessed Children are qualified to become Blessing Candidates.

At the same time they have to fill out the Blessing application form and submit it to the person-in-charge in the church, and register to the Blessing4U Website.

Please note that there might be additional requirements from your region. Please get more information in your local Blessed Family Department.

02Finding a Partner

After a Blessed Child qualifies as a candidate, the phase of looking for a partner begins. This step is centered on parents who received the authority and inherited True Parent’s tradition and heart.

This process is carried out by sufficient dialog between husband and wife, and parents and the child. There are three basic ways to find a partner.
① Matching Websites,② Parents Convocation or③ Introduction by Matching Supporters.
The most important thing at this stage is to offer conditions of sincere devotion.

03Interaction between parents of both candidates

After finding a potential partner, first parents of both candidates start communication. It is important to have sufficient communication between the parents of both families before introducing both candidates to each other.

04Interaction between families of both candidates

After sufficient communication between parents of both candidates, candidates are introduced to each other and both families start to communicate. When candidates meet for the first time, it is normal to feel nervous. It is very important to not only prepare oneself internally but also to have good manners and to take a moment to prepare externally to make a good first impression. In this stage both candidates are becoming the main actors and carry out an active communication to understand each other better. Parents are there to support them.

05Engagement Ceremony

If the communication goes well and both candidates and parents make a positive final decision about the matching, both families fill up the Matching Report Form and proceed with Engagement Ceremony. According to True Parents’ tradition, it is good to hold a special ceremony with vows to each other for the future. After the Engagement Ceremony candidates participate in the next Blessing Ceremony.