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Blessing Procedure
01Matching and Engagement Ceremony

A candidates is introduced to a possible match through his or her parents or matching supporter and go through the right matching procedure. After both sides agree to proceed with the matching, they hold the engagement ceremony. The engagement ceremony shall be reported to the church and it becomes the first step toward attending the Blessing.

02Blessing Preparation

Even though the couple holds the Engagement Ceremony they shall not live a life as a couple yet. They should maintain a brother-sister relationship and start specific preparations for receiving the Blessing. The couples should check the official program of the Blessing and prepare Blessing rings, wedding dress and other necessary items beforehand. Please inquire in your church regarding further information.

03Holy Wine Ceremony

The Holy Wine Ceremony is hold prior to the Blessing Ceremony. In case of 2nd generation couples, the Holy Wine is for the Cheon Il Guk Registration. In case of 1st generation couples, the Holy Wine is for changing the blood lineage. If the couple is not able to attend the Blessing Ceremony in Korea, they should attend the Blessing in the church following the official instructions.

04Blessing Ceremony

The Blessing Ceremony is completed through the Affirmation of the Blessing Vow, Blessing Prayer, Exchange of the Blessing Rings, Proclamation of the Blessing and other parts. If the couples cannot participate in the Blessing Ceremony in Korea, they shall participate together through live broadcast following the official instructions from the church.

0540-day Condition

The 40-day condition starts the day after the Blessing Ceremony. During this time, the couple shall offer gratitude and grow their hearts of Hyojeong towards Heaven rather than focusing on their love between themselves. 1st generation couples completely change their blood lineage through first holding the Indemnity Stick Ceremony, offering the 40-day Separation period and completing the Three-day Ceremony.