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  • Importance of Jeongseong
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Importance of Jeongseong
  • Determination

    When we take on something important, we focus completely and offer our sincere devotion (jeongseong) to fulfill our goal. We need to have strong resolve, even to achieve small goals. However, for a goal that is crucial to our future, we emphasize the importance of making an even stronger determination rooted in sincere devotion and setting conditions. The greater the value you give to your life, the more you will appreciate your future partner, and the more you will value the Marriage Blessing and offer your sincerest devotion in preparation to receive it.

  • Spiritual protection

    Once we have laid a foundation of devotion (jeongseong), we are protected by the invisible spirit world. In the physical world, there are good spirits who help their descendants as well as evil spirits who are ill-disposed toward their descendants and who try to make those on earth unhappy in order to wreak vengeance. Their ultimate goal is to make the central people on earth miserable. They will put every effort into bringing those on earth to fail to receive the Marriage Blessing. Therefore, the purpose of setting the condition of devotion is, rather than to receive the cooperation of the spirit world to get the ideal spouse of your dreams, to gain the cooperation of the spirit world in order to receive the Marriage Blessing without any hindrance.

  • Object-partner-oriented mindset

    As you build up spiritual support through your sincere devotion, the basic mindset you need to have for the Marriage Blessing is “object-partner-oriented mindset." The world teaches us to be “subject-conscious.” However, True Parents say that consciousness of our object partner should come first. When a child is born, that child becomes first the object partner of his or her parents, and Heavenly Parent’s object partner of love. The object-partner-oriented mindset is the subject partner’s consciousness to return beauty and joy so that he or she can love without restraint.  In society, when people think of marriage, they tend to hope to meet a good partner through whom they can receive what they want. But as we prepare for the Marriage Blessing, we must first think from our partner’s perspective so that we can become a partner that brings joy to the other. If you have the attitude of cultivating your character and developing yourself while thinking about how to make your partner happier, and about how happy you can be together, your partner will be the most beautiful person in the world.