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About Personality Types
Why do we have different personality types? 

“We must resemble God. Since God has both a masculine and feminine nature as well as plus and minus qualities, He created human beings, His substantial object partners, as men and women. Thus when people marry, they become the substantial plus and minus representing God. God seeks to bring perfect unity between His vertical love and horizontal love through marriage; this is God's Will.” (CSG 3.1.1:8)

As can be seen from True Parents' words, through marriage a man and a woman come to resemble the entirety of the Heavenly Parent. By experiencing and developing our character through our partner we can expand our heart and comprehend God's deep love. Therefore True Parents used, for example, the hand-clasping (finger-interlocking) method to analyze candidates’ characters and guide them to choose from the candidates of complimentary personality types.

It is important to know your own personality type in order to meet a candidate of a different personality so that you can work together on creating a harmonious marriage, complementing each other. In general, people do not know their own personality type. In addition, their character may change completely with the passing of time. Knowing yourself is a very important precursor to understanding your partner.

Personality type analysis is a tool that helps you to know yourself and understand your spouse. Historically, there have been several useful tools that have been utilized in society to analyze personality types. The interlocking finger test, Enneagram test, MBTI, and yin and yang and five-element analysis used here are tools for analyzing personality types that are based on solid theories. The hand-clasping (finger-interlocking) test was a method used by True Parents to determine whether a person tends toward being more intellectual or emotional, and the Enneagram is an analysis tool based on Pythagoras and Neo-Platonism. The MBTI is a practical tool founded on Carl Jung’s psychological types, and the ideology of yin and yang and the five elements is a traditional analysis tool in Korea, which stems from Oriental medicine.

When looking for a partner in the matching process, the personality type analytical tools are there to help candidates to understand their strengths and weaknesses and identify the types of partner with whom they can mature into a richer, warmer character. They also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses to help you build a happier family.