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Hand Clasping

True Parents proposed the hand-clasping (finger-interlocking) test as an easy way of analyzing your personality. It is a test where you bring your two hands together and interlock your fingers without thinking about it, in order to determine your personality based on which thumb lies above the other. If your right thumb is on top, your left brain is relatively more developed and you will tend to be more intellectual than a right-brain type person. In contrast, if your left thumb is on top, your right brain is relatively more developed and you will tend to be more emotional than a left-brain type person.

If you are not sure about which thumb is naturally on top, you can carry out the same test based on the way you fold your arms. Try folding your arms without thinking about it, and if the right arm rests comfortably on the left, you are a left-brain type person, and if the left arm rests comfortably on the right, you are a right-brain type person.

  • Left → Right Brain


  • Right → Left Brain



Personality analysis is a way of understanding a person’s personality from various aspects and gauging its development; it is not an absolute guideline and it does not present answers. Even if you were to classify a person as a right-brain type or a left-brain type, it would not mean that he or she will possess only the characteristics of one or the other. You should interpret it to mean that, though both types have both intellectual and emotional traits, one type has relatively more of one than the other. The same is also true of the yin and yang and five-elements analysis of Eastern philosophy, the Enneagram with a 2,000-year history, and Carl Jung’s MBTI analysis tool. The meaning of all personality tests, including the hand-clasping (finger-interlocking) test, lies in helping the potential spouses to understand each other’s personality and come together in oneness through communication.