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I am from the International Headquarters Blessed Family Department.

The role of Matching Supporters is crucial for a successful matching of single candidates. Today I would like to inform you about matching supporters.

There are 3 important factors for enhancing a successful matching for single candidates.

More than anything, the most important is the candidate’s family. It is essential that the candidate’s family have a basic faith and a good character. Moreover the candidate should update his/her profile frequently and offer conditions.

Second important factor is the management of the website that possible matches can be easily and quickly found.

And lastly, it is important to have a matching supporter who is helping the family in various ways.

Marriage Blessing is an important part of our lives. It is only understandable that for accomplishing such an important event in our lives, we need to offer a lot of conditions.

Parents and candidates are the ones who decide upon a partner. However the role of a matching supporter who helps to bring both families into contact and arrange meetings is very important.

In the end, it is an obvious fact that blessed families are growing in churches with trained matching supporters.

There are many things that matching supporters should do.

Firstly, through counseling of candidates, matching supporter should understand their situation and help them to fill in missing information to prepare well for their matching.

Once a matching supporter imagine what kind of partner would be suitable for the candidate based on the shared content, s/he searches the website and chooses types similar to this image.

Then, matching supporter should carefully select the ones that are the most suitable and present them to candidate’s parents. After they discuss together, it is recommended to reduce the list of candidates to only 3 profiles.

Then, matching supporter should help to contact the parents of a possible match and if they agree that they would like to talk to the other family, parents of both families can start interacting. Once it is agreed on both sides,the meeting of candidates should be arranged.

In this way candidate’s families offer conditions and supporters actively help both families to communicate.

There are members of blessed families who have especially suitable character for this work as matching supporters.

If possible, matching supporters should also have the abilities in counseling, education, ministry and have computer skills, that they can carry out their work even better.

However, in reality there might not be prepared matching supporters in some places.

In that case, the Blessed Family Department lay minister should take over the responsibility of a matching supporter. And it is also good to recommend a member of a blessed family who could be suitable for this position.

There are many blessed children in our church. However there are not many prepared matching supporters.

If you want to proceed with the matching, find a matching supporter who can help you as soon as possible.

We need to raise many trained matching supporters for the future of our blessed children.