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Matching process guidance with supporters


Matching process guidance with supporters

Hello. My name is Won-Jin lee and I am in charge of matching supporter at FFWPU BFD.Today, I would like to inform you how the matching process actually goes.

Matching process has 4 steps.

Firstly, the basic step is that a matching supporter consult with their candidates’ family.

After counseling with candidate’s family, the matching supporter look for suitable partner.

When the potential candidate is searched, the matching supporter consult with the potential candidates’ family.

At the last stage, the meeting will be arranged with the candidates.

It is important to understand candidates and their parents.

It is necessary to consider various fields with the candidates’ parents.

through considering various fields with candidate’s family, the matching supporter can support better with finding someone.

It is recommended for your family to offer JeongSeong.

At the same time, the matching supporter search for the potential candidate at the “B4U” website and select three candidates.

The matching supporter suggests three profile to candidates’ parents.

When Candidates’ parents received profile, they can choose only one profile for their child.

After parents and their child make decision, it’s recommended to offer JeonSeong for three days before continuing the process with a potential candidate.

At the stage of interaction, the “True Family Academy” Education is important.

Parents and children need to know the minimum etiquette for interacting with the other side.

In many cases at the interaction stage, small mistakes cause failure to go to the next process.

Especially for children who have little experience in meeting, it is important to have an attitude to understand a partner rather than insisting their own viewpoint.

Eventually, it is natural that there is a satisfactory matching when there is a good matching supporter.

The Marriage Blessing is a big thing in our life. Matching supporters who connect and lead candidates’ families are very important.

If you want to achieve a successful Marriage Blessing, find a good supporter right now and join us.

I support your happy marriage blessing. Thank you.