<Explanation on How to Use the Website >
(1) Purpose of the Website and Information About the Services it Provides
This international matching website was created through the efforts of the Blessed Family and Second Generation Departments of various countries. The purpose of this website is to go beyond language and nationality to facilitate communication between parents who are seeking to match their children under True Parents’ ideal for the blessing.
There are two main areas in which this website provides services.
1) Registration & Update
   (For Children)
We want everyone to be able to register at any time, from anywhere, and be able to update their personal information anytime quickly and accurately via the Internet.
2) Searching & Viewing
   (For Parents)
Parents can search and view member information from all around the world in their own language to look for the right candidate for their child.
(2) Qualifications to Register and Classification of Registrants
Only those families who have a child who is qualified for the blessing, and who him/herself desires to go to the blessing may register. In addition, families who have a child who desires to get blessed in the future may register. Once members have registered, they will be classified in the following ways.
1) Waiting This is the classification assigned at the time of registration.
※ At this point, registered information will not be posted on the website.
2) Applicant This is the classification assigned once headquarters confirms that the registrant is a Second Generation Blessing Candidate.
※ Member information is posted on website. Parents and other members can view
  your information.
3) Candidate This is the classification assigned once headquarters confirms that the applicant has completed all education requirements for the Blessing..
※ Member information is posted on website. Parents and other members can view
  your information.
4) Matched This is the classification assigned once the matching has been reported to headquarters.
※ At this point, no one will be able to search and view your information. Likewise,
  you will not be able to search and view other members’ information.
5) Blessed This is the classification assigned once it is confirmed by headquarters that you have attended the blessing.
※ After your information has been kept by headquarters for a certain time, it will
  all be deleted.
<Note> A “Candidate” is a registrant who has completed their confession and Blessing Preparation Workshop
           held by the Blessed Family Department or Second Generation Department in the registrant’s region.
(3) Registration and Updating Registration Information
Make sure that the registrant him/herself enters all registration information. The ID and password created at the time of registration will be used by the whole family (both parent and child). Therefore, please make sure that the child tells his/her parents the ID and password.
1) Signing up - First, on the home page, please select the language you will register in.
- Next, on the “Membership Sign-up” page, create your ID and password, then
   select a Managing Department.
   ※The Managing Departments are the Blessed Family Departments and
     Second Generation Departments in your home country. If you select the
     wrong Managing Department, your membership will not be accepted, so
     please be careful.
2) Registration
    of Information
- After logging in using your ID, select “Personal Information”. Follow the
   instructions to enter personal, family, and blessing information.
- Next, paste your photo (upper body and full body) and family photo.
- It does not need to be a professionally made Photo. But please prepare such
   pictures for the Blessing Application.
- Finally, on the “Information in Other Languages” page, choose a language and
   enter your personal information in your own language
   (even though there is no automatic translation).
   ※ Registrants need to fill out all information, including required information.
     Registrants are liable for the information they submit. If the information
     entered is false, the member will be deleted immediately. Therefore, please
     make sure to enter correct information.
3) Updating Information - If you need to update your information, please do so as soon as possible.
- Excluding matched couples, if for personal reasons you wish to block others
   from viewing your information, go to the main page and select “Do Not
   Release”. If you select this option, your information cannot be searched or
   viewed by others. (At the same time, you will not be able to search or view
   other members’ information).
   ※ Excluding the updating of your membership classification, all updating of
      information is your responsibility.
<Note> - Since communication between parents has priority, you must enter only the parents’ phone number
              (even if you enter the child’s phone number, it will not be released).
           - For those who desire an international blessing, but cannot speak the language, please find a
              translator and enter his/her information in the provided section. This will facilitate your
             communication with possible blessing candidates’ families.
           - It will take 3 to 7 days to process your registration information. If your information does not appear
              on the website after 7 days, please contact your Blessed Family or Second Generation Department.
(4) Searching and Viewing Member Information
Only applicants’ and candidates’ parents may search and view member information. These parents may search and view member information using the following three steps.
1) Right to Access - First, you must enter the ID and password of your child
   (applicant or candidate).
- Next, please click “Information Search”, then enter the “Parents’ Password”.
  ※ The “Parents’ Password” will be given by headquarters directly to the
     applicant’s or candidate’s parents.
  ※ Concerning the parents Password. Please inquire directly at your regional
     Blessing Dept. After you have been accepted as an applicant or candidate
     you can receive the password by phone or email.
2) Searching for    Information - First, on the “Search” page, select the conditions you wish to search for.
- Next, a list of candidates matching your conditions will appear. Click on the
   registrants you would like to view.
3) Viewing Information You may freely view candidates’ information and photos.
   ※ Please remember to respect the matching candidates and their families on
     this site and treat the information confidentially. If you are found sharing
     candidates’ information with a third party or in a public
     place without headquarters’ permission, your membership will automatically
     be deleted. We ask for your cooperation and understanding.
<Note> - Information you can search and view is limited to applicant and candidate information only.
              (It is not possible to view information on matched or blessed members).
           - In order to prevent information leaking it will not be possible to Print or copy and paste the content
              of the Application information.
            - Parents’ passwords will be changed approximately once a year (after the Blessing). Applicant’s
              and Candidate’s Parents can send an email or call their regional Blessing Dept. directly to receive
              the new password.
(5) Communication Between Members and the Matching Process
Information posted on this website is meant for families who wish to communicate with each other for the purpose of blessing their children. Therefore, if families wish to contact each other directly, they may do so under the responsibility of the parents.
1) Communication
   Between Families
- Parents are the ones who should look for a future spouse for their son or
   daughter. While parents should take into consideration their child’s wishes,
   parents should have a prayerful attitude and a heavenly viewpoint in choosing
   a spouse.
- When discussing a possible match with an applicant, parents from both parties
   can communicate with each other. However, if you are to involve the child
   him/herself in the discussions, it is required that he/she first complete all
   education requirements.
   ※ We strongly discourage more than two families (including the children)
     communicating with each other. Also, please make sure to properly end
     your communication with one family first before moving on to discussions
     with the next family.
2) Registering &
   Reporting Your
- From the main page, click on “Matching Registration”, select Korean,
   Japanese, or English, and enter the required information.
- Next, print out the report you have entered, and have both families’ parents and
   the matched couple sign the reports (faxed copies are acceptable).
- Once the signed matching reports have been sent to the matched man’s
   headquarters, Blessed Family Department, or Second Generation Department,
   the match will be accepted officially.
   ※ Matchings between non-candidates (those who have not fulfilled all
     education requirements) will not be accepted officially. Please first
     complete the application process and fulfil the education requirements.
   ※ Since it can take time before the Blessing Dept. receives and confirms
     receiving the matching report form, it is advised for candidates that are
     matched to hide their application themselves by selecting the option “Do
     not release” and thereby make their information inaccessible to others.
(6) How to Cancel Membership
From the main page, select “Cancel Membership” and follow the instructions provided. Please be aware that when you cancel your membership, all the information you entered will be deleted. Therefore, if you wish to block others from viewing your information for a certain period of time, we suggest that you select the “Do Not Release” option (see above).
※ In addition, once a member has been blessed, their information will automatically be deleted after a certain
   time. Also, if a member does harm to this website, in the ways explained above, their membership will be